Gift Guide

  1. For Her: Gift guide

Lingerie makes a great gift – it’s personal and shows you’ve put a lot of thought into it, for the lucky lady you’re buying for! But how do you make sure you navigate the minefield and get it right!? You’ve come to the right place! Lingerie gift buying just got a whole lot easier…

  1. Her size? Detective time!

The first question that gift givers usually have is ‘What size do I buy!?’.  But with a little detective work, you can sort this one out! Find the bra in her wardrobe or drawers that she wears most often – she’ll wear it most often because she feels comfortable in the size and loves the style! See the size on the tag and remember it!

  1. What Style?

When trying to choose a style she’ll love and that will suit her, think of the style she wears most often. Check the shapes in her wardrobe and compare them to our bra & knicker styles if you’re not sure!

  1. What Colour?

Choose the colour based on what she will love and what the occasion is. If it’s a special occasion, go for bold and opulent shades – navy will be perfect! If it’s an everyday luxury, go for shades that will go under her clothing and will look beautiful against her skin like our beautiful ice blue Lily bra or our deep, rich navy Emelie bra, which will work well for everyday wear! If you’re unsure, stick to something that will match her existing lingerie or will match the style of clothes she wears!

  1. Eek! What if she doesn’t like it!?

Don’t worry! You can get a gift receipt and keep the tags on (without the price!) and take her shopping to choose something she’ll love!

If you’ve gone through all the steps, she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness! We hope she loves it!

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